The Science of Getting Rich

The introduction of the book, The Science of Getting Rich, says that it’s for people that would like to get rich. Fancy that, who would’ve thought. It says that it’s for people that don’t have to get stuck on analyzing every detail and having to know the how of everything.  It’s for people that are willing to trust, to have faith, to just go on blind faith, really, that this system works. It claims that if you do take all this on faith and just do what you’re told to do without fear and hesitation, that we will certainly get rich. This science is an exact science and if you follow every step as it is laid out to the reader, failure is impossible.

The authors claim, (and the author is Wallace Wattles by the way) is that the universe is made of energy. We all know to be true anyways and he calls it this energy, thinking stuff and he says that it permeates and penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe. His claim is that when your thoughts mingle with this energy, then your thoughts will be manifest into substance and we will possess the things and circumstances we imagine. I like this idea and I’m so looking forward to giving it 100% of my energy and effort because I’ve never done that before. This book claims that everyone who follows these instructions will get rich. That is a very bold statement. The thing is, it’s not the first time I’ve heard that statement.

I think we can all agree that the people in the world with tons of money don’t look any different tan we do. They don’t seem to talk any different either. There doesn’t seem to be any set pattern as to why some people are rich, some average, and then the poor. I am drawn to these teachings for this reason. I intend to live in North Vancouver and have held this intention for some time now. I tell people this and more often than not the response I get is “it’s expensive to live over there” After I’d heard this a few times I began to question….is there anything different about the people that already live over there, that were born there or moved there from other places? The answer is always no. I have one friend that isn’t like the rest. Thank God for her. She didn’t say those things to me, in fact, her response was quite the opposite. She is self-employed. She knows what it’s like to go ahead and do things, even though everyone around her told her she was crazy. Good thing she did because her fabulous reviews support that she made the right decision and she has helped many people as a result of it.

I’m beginning to understand, It’s about being of service to others. I have much to offer to this world. I am overdue in my giving. I am overdue to finding my true purpose and passion. I welcome you in joining me on this journey. What an incredibly different place the world could become if we could all follow this advice. It is my intention to share what I learn with anyone who cares to listen as my friend did for me.