So Happy and Grateful!

Victim or Responsible

I love workshops and seminars, yes. I was shocked, however, at how many people don’t seem to want any part of them, ha ha. I hosted a PM (personal mastery) in my town a couple years ago. That means that I paid, out of pocket $1250 to have a facilitator fly here to do a three-hour introductory teaser of the seminar. From this people can sign up for the PM. As I said, I was very surprised at how I thought some people would absolutely sign right up…Plus I totally knew how much of a positive impact it could have in their lives. But, nope, many of them would have no part of it. One of those no goes was my friend who has owned and operated a driving school for 13yrs now.

She started complaining sometime in 2010 that she was bored, there wasn’t any challenge anymore. That is coming up to six years ago now, do you think she’s complaining any less? Obviously not and her disposition hasn’t been very nice for at least a year and a half now. Well, the good news is, and why I’m so happy and grateful, the Champions Workshop came to town again. This time, she was willing to go AND she signed up for the PM!!! I am so excited for the changes that are about to happen in her life. As a graduate, I can re-take the course over and over again for life, so I’ll be there to witness the transformation. YAY!!! If you haven’t attended something like this, you surely have no idea why I am so fired up about this. I truly with this upon everyone on earth.

This is why I chose the title Victim/Responsible. Since taking this training, my ears are very sensitive to all of the victim stories everyone tells. How does this help anyone? My friend is beginning to sound like a poor little victim once in a while, which is so unattractive. She wasn’t like that before. One of their modules addresses this in such a powerful manner, I mean the entire weekend is powerful, but this is going to be helpful for her in particular. I am literally bouncing off the wall over this. It has actually motivated me to get out there and see if I can get more people I know to put their butts in the chairs of the Klemmer Workshops! I look forward to writing the update for this post




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