First Lesson


When I took My weekend Personal Mastery seminar, there were many different modules that we went through. As a good form of review for myself, I’ll be sharing these with you. Hopefully, they can help you to possibly begin to think a little more out of the box.

   Are you sure what you have experienced in life really means what you think it means?

There are two domains in the world around you. Fact (experience) and Meaning (interpretation). The fastest way to change any belief is with emotion. Let’s use “losing your job” as an example. That is an event or experience and we can put it in the “fact” box. At the time of this event, it is safe to assume that you would have thoughts about yourself or life regarding this event. “Life isn’t fair” or “Nothing ever lasts” are a couple examples but the list is endless and these we could place in the “meaning” box.

So what! you might say.

The fact that you lost your job means NOTHING. Nobody likes to admit it, but facts have no inherent meaning. Why does losing your job have no meaning? Because there are other people who have assigned entirely different meaning to the exact same fact, or experience! Two people will inevitably see things differently, so it is impossible for meaning to be inherent. If you assign meaning to an experience, YOU have just decided in your own mind what that meaning is…..YOU made it up! The meaning you assigned to your fact or experience is a figment of your imagination.

“Once you make any FACT or experience mean something, whether positive or negative, you must recreate more events to support that MEANING” 

I have done this so often in my past. It was such a relief for me once I digested this concept and began to reassign MEANING. In order to do this, I had to first, admit I had made up the meaning. Second, make it mean something else. Third, I had to give the new meaning emotional value. Since I can define my own meaning to what I experience, I might as well live the reality I want.

“Facts have no inherent meaning! In the freedom that this principle brings, don’t forget that facts and experiences will always have consequences.”


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