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Hey there, welcome to my site called Workshops and Seminars.


Compassionate Samurai


I have always been an information junkie. In 2013, I took my first

leadership workshop with a company called Klemmer and Associates.

the seminar was called, “Personal Mastery”. I was hooked. It was a full

weekend course. Started Friday evening at 6 pm and ended Sunday

evening at 7 pm. I LOVED every single minute of it. I came in with

a ton of baggage. The insights I received from that weekend have

literally changed my life forever. The work has now inspired me to

carry on and help others to let go of the crap that is holding them back

in life as well.


I’ll begin by telling you a little about the founder of the company,

Brian Klemmer. He began his study of leadership after graduating from

the United States Military Academy in 1972. He first facilitated

seminars for a company called PSI. From there he ventured off to start

his own company. He has written 4-5 best-selling books, that of which

I will be sharing awesome information with you guys.  My friend who

introduced me to this work was fortunate to have met him and

participated in his training personally. He, however, passed suddenly

of a brain aneurysm in 2011, so I did not get to meet him. RIP Brian. His

seminars have helped over 100,000 people in the US, Canada,

Austrailia, Saudia Arabia, Mexica, China Spain and others.


By sharing this information, I do have a self-serving motive as well. It

is very easy to go to these things and come out all on fire and on top of

the world, but as time goes by it’s very east for me to fall back into my

old behaviors. By creating this blog, I believe it will help me to hold

myself accountable to the changes I desire to make in my own life.


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