So Happy and Grateful!

Victim or Responsible

I love workshops and seminars, yes. I was shocked, however, at how many people don’t seem to want any part of them, ha ha. I hosted a PM (personal mastery) in my town a couple years ago. That means that I paid, out of pocket $1250 to have a facilitator fly here to do a three-hour introductory teaser of the seminar. From this people can sign up for the PM. As I said, I was very surprised at how I thought some people would absolutely sign right up…Plus I totally knew how much of a positive impact it could have in their lives. But, nope, many of them would have no part of it. One of those no goes was my friend who has owned and operated a driving school for 13yrs now. Continue reading “So Happy and Grateful!”

The Science of Getting Rich

The introduction of the book, The Science of Getting Rich, says that it’s for people that would like to get rich. Fancy that, who would’ve thought. It says that it’s for people that don’t have to get stuck on analyzing every detail and having to know the how of everything.  It’s for people that are willing to trust, to have faith, to just go on blind faith, really, that this system works. It claims that if you do take all this on faith and just do what you’re told to do without fear and hesitation, that we will certainly get rich. This science is an exact science and if you follow every step as it is laid out to the reader, failure is impossible. Continue reading “The Science of Getting Rich”

First Lesson


When I took My weekend Personal Mastery seminar, there were many different modules that we went through. As a good form of review for myself, I’ll be sharing these with you. Hopefully, they can help you to possibly begin to think a little more out of the box.

   Are you sure what you have experienced in life really means what you think it means?

There are two domains in the world around you. Fact (experience) and Meaning (interpretation). The fastest way to change any belief is with emotion. Let’s use “losing your job” as an example. That is an event or experience and we can put it in the “fact” box. At the time of this event, it is safe to assume that you would have thoughts about yourself or life regarding this event. “Life isn’t fair” or “Nothing ever lasts” are a couple examples but the list is endless and these we could place in the “meaning” box. Continue reading “First Lesson”

Welcome to my Website!

Hey there, welcome to my site called Workshops and Seminars.


Compassionate Samurai


I have always been an information junkie. In 2013, I took my first

leadership workshop with a company called Klemmer and Associates.

the seminar was called, “Personal Mastery”. I was hooked. It was a full

weekend course. Started Friday evening at 6 pm and ended Sunday

evening at 7 pm. I LOVED every single minute of it. I came in with

a ton of baggage. The insights I received from that weekend have

literally changed my life forever. The work has now inspired me to

carry on and help others to let go of the crap that is holding them back

in life as well. Continue reading “Welcome to my Website!”